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Pink Pig Update: The Rope is Long Enough has its release date: April 20th 2013

Yes, we celebrate the Earth Day releasing the long awaited and delayed Pink Pig Update. So, here we go with some important information:

1) As the printing and pressing deadline is April the 3rd all the information on your recordings you want to change must be done before Sunday March 31st.

 2) In case you want to change the mix of your recording or the recording itself you have to deliver the new one before Friday 22nd of March as we go into mastering on the 23rd

3) The Cost of the Pink Pig Update: The Rope is Long Enough will be of U$S 35

4) Pre-orders will be taken from March the 1st until the 29th of the same month (more details to be announced on February)

5) If you are the owner of one of the precious Concise Pink Pig Atlas: The Whole Cure in the Mirror please tell us your Atlas number when pre-ordering the Update.

6) In case you do not have one you still can order one of the very original thing, the same Robert, Porl and the guys have. Simply e-mail me germanbordagaray@yahoo.com.ar and you will receive instructions on how to get one of the remaining Atlases.

7) In case you are Robert and are reading this, please get in touch if you wanna know/ask/suggest/send anything: the address of yours I have seems to be closed and I have no way to contact you.

Remember I still have those unpaid/unclaimed copes of the Concise Pink Pig Atlas: The Whole Cure in the Mirror. Order one if you do not have it, it is the original thing, the only one. Buying one of those you will be helping me to finish the whole process which is clearly a non-profit work of love. Get your Atlas before the Update!

Almost there…


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